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Protection of shopping malls

Protection of suburban community estate

Residential complexes protection

Construction site security

Protection of residential complexes

Restaurants, bars and cafes protection

Protection of industrial estate

Executive protection

Armoured vehicles

Armored vehicles

Personal safety

Accompanying the cargoes

Prevention of illegal takeovers

Polygraph test

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Кто мы?

About us

The “Bezpeka and Zakhyst” Security Group has been carrying out professional services for over 10 years and has an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner. We are ready for the most demanding work and provide a full range of security services licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and relevant for any property. All employees of our company certified experts that have passed thorough physical and health testing, hard- and soft skills development, and advanced training in property protection.

“Bezpeka and Zakhyst” is competence, responsibility and reliability. We protect shopping malls, shopping centers, business centers, residential complexes, industrial property, construction sites, and catering establishments. Also, we provide an executive protection and cargo escort.


We will deploy solutions that will shield you from harm, avoiding issue.


We will make safe all that is dear to you, your family or your business.


We have secured your priorities, you can move forwards, worry free.

Why us

The “Bezpeka and Zakhyst” Security Group is a team of true experts having service in the army and law enforcement agencies, certified at recurrent trainings, being aware of and fulfilling the imposed mission while having the most innovative equipment and being always ready to perform protection and safety tasks for our clients. Due to our vehicle fleet our agents always provide an instant response to incoming calls.

The administrative and managerial staff consists of officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Security Service of Ukraine with extensive experience.

Our long-term experience in protection service makes us a top-security provider for any type of property and any specific request of a client.

Our services

We combine human expertise and innovative protection technology for the most- and cost-effective solution. We offer our clients a variety of security services:

  1. Property monitoring and inspection.
  2. Protection of community and industrial estate
  3. Stationary security posts and patrolling
  4. Armoured vehicles for rent (with a driver) for transportation of exclusive items or goods of solid value. 
  5. Executive protection for the principal (including children)
  6. Planning and implementation of security measures for residential complexes and suburban community estate.
  7. Protection of private houses.
  8. Anti-seizure assistance in case of illegal takeovers

Be sure that your most valuable is secured and safe while entrusting your protection to the “Bezpeka and Zakhyst”  Security Group. We guarantee confidential service, an individual approach and effective solutions to security issues for each client.

Our clients

More than 100 regular clients
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