Protection of industrial estate

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group has over 10 years of experience in security services aimed at safety and protection of citizens and their property. Our record speaks for us proving that only professionals are capable to solve such specific security issues. Industrial estate security needs a multi-vector individual approach and always starts with an expert inspection. It identifies safety and security gaps and develop a comprehensive, optimized and relevant protection.

Specifics of Industrial Estate protection

In order to build relevant protection strategy against threat for industrial estate, there should be pointed out such specifics as: 

  • obstructed access to public roads;
  • setting peculiarities such as being located far from residential area, occupying a large territory with just several buildings;
  • planning peculiarities such as easy access for intruders due to open-space design
  • Solid stock of expensive inventory ​​on the territory and inside of buildings, where it’s kept sometimes implies, put a lot of obstacles on for a non-expert to identify an intruder in.

Additionally, such areas are widely exposed to such threats as fires, explosions, flooding. They also are “a piece of cake” for thefts due to solid amount of expensive inventory and other purpose items packed and ready to be freight. Often working staff causes damages and thefts as well. Therefore, only hired outsource experts are able to provide credible security.

Industrial Estate Protection Management

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group considers a multi-level approach required for the protection of industrial estate and provide further strategies and measures: 

  1. Engineering and technical security measures include protection fencing around and improved lighting and motion systems, perimeter alert systems and fire alarms, electromechanical arm barriers to control the entry and exit of road and rail vehicles, inventory and stock accounting systems, equipment for automatic vehicle license plate identification, motion sensors, etc.
  2. Identification organizational measures include the access automatic registry and identification for people and vehicles, regular audit of stock, enhanced supervision on and checking of weighing and lifting equipment, introduction of relevant regulatory documents, control over mutual following of domestic protocols.   
  3. Executive security is provided 24/7 via mobile and stationary posts. Each of the duty agents has the set of instructions and strategies. The amount of agents and their location is identified according to the protection strategy for each property individually to ensure its solid protection. In case of emergency the security groups promptly interact. The agents’ reserve is provided in case of emergency for reinforcement. 


The complex strategy described is the best to prevent both small daily thefts by the staff and larger intentional thefts.

 As a brief before signing the contract, our experts develop a set of conventional and individual strategies for the most effective coverage of security gaps, in particular: 

  1. Strict access control.
  2. Patrol of the territory and control over mutual following of domestic protocols.
  3. Carrying out preventive security measures.
  4. Video surveillance with round-the-clock recording
  5. Protection of storage areas and valuable stock

Consulting on measures and means to eliminate or cover existed security and safety gaps is provided for the client upon his request.

What do we offer?

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group have extensive knowledge, skills and experience to provide services for ensured security of your valuables at a high professional level. We use up-to-date technologies, the newest methods and successful strategies for credible protection of a client’s property from any intrusions and threats.

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