Legal services

Along with security services, “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group provides its clients with services for legal support of business in the following areas:

  1. Anti-Raiding. Raiding is an illegal takeover of a company by a competing organization. In order to protect the interests of clients, our lawyers analyse the threat of criminogenic factors in a specific region and, based on the data obtained, develop an individual protection strategy.
  2. Protection of the legitimate interests of investors. This service includes legally significant measures aimed at protecting the interests of persons who are investing in financial assets and projects.
  3. Legal pre-trial and trial support. Our specialists primarily try to resolve the conflict peacefully. They analyse the current situation and make every effort to settle the dispute through negotiations. If the counterparty does not want to engage in a constructive dialogue, the company’s lawyers will do everything possible for the court to make a decision in favour of the principal.
  4. Contract law. This service includes the verification of existing contracts (proofreading) and the development of contracts, taking into account the client’s requirements.
  5. Property law. As part of the provision of the service, a lawyer of our company will assess the prospects for a positive outcome of a property dispute, minimize the financial costs of the principal and, if necessary, obtain material compensation.
  6. Business purchase and sale. This service includes full support of buying and selling ready-made business projects.
  7. Competition (antitrust) law. The company’s lawyers provide protection against unfair competition, as well as advice on issues related to this branch of law.

What we offer our clients:

  • preliminary analysis of any controversial situations, allowing to calculate risks, predict the probability of winning and develop tactics to protect the interests of the principal;
  • preparation of legally significant documents (agreements, contracts, complaints, claims, responses, etc.);
  • assistance in selling or buying commercial real estate;
  • full legal support of business in the courts, as well as representing the interests of the client in state and municipal instances;
  • protection of the client’s interests at the stage of pre-trial proceedings;
  • checking the legal compliance of the transaction, as well as analysing the integrity level of the business partner.

An enterprise security audit takes a special place in our practice.

A company that is unable to build its own security system cannot fully compete in the market for providing similar services.

For the qualitative business functioning, it is necessary to conduct a legal analysis of the activities of a business entity, which includes the following services:

  • analysis of internal documentation (including verification of constituent documents);
  • examination of the threat of criminogenic factors (for example, raiding);
  • identification of fraudulent schemes by employees and partners of the company;
  • identification and investigation of thefts of tangible property;
  • analysis of the possibility of confidential data leakage.

Legal support of business by specialists of “BEZPEKA & ZAKHIST” Security Group is an opportunity to protect the financial interests of your company.

The in-house lawyer deals with legal issues in most cases. Assessment of the degree of danger from partners and employees of the company is not included in the list of his duties. Outsourcing specialists can find a way out of the legal deadlock and minimize the consequences of it.

Benefits of cooperating with us: 

When ordering a legal support service, you automatically receive a whole range of related benefits, namely:

  1. Possibility of real financial savings for the company. Revealing frauds or timely analysis of the risks associated with signing a contract with an unreliable partner is a guarantee of the company’s financial well-being. In addition, the money that you pay us for support are not taxed as they are classified as expenses.
  2. When concluding a contract with “BEZPEKA & ZAKHIST” Security Group, you do not have to waste time to bring our employee up to date. Our lawyers are able to immediately identify the “weak points” of the document flow of the client’s company.
  3. You pay exclusively for the list of services that were provided to you, since only you determine the scope of legal support.

The high level of professionalism of our employees is the main argument in favour of cooperation with “BEZPEKA & ZAKHIST” Security Group.

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