Protection of shopping malls

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group has over 10 years of experience in security services aimed at safety and protection of citizens and their property. Our record speaks for us proving that only professionals are capable to solve such specific security issues. Estate security, whether industrial, public or private, needs a multi-vector individual approach and always starts with an inspection. Such professional inspection of a property identifies safety and security gaps and develop a comprehensive, optimized and relevant security system.

Specifics of Shopping Mall Protection

Any emergency may jeopardize the record of a shopping mall, effecting its further successful operation. The main task of protection measures of such property is to ensure safety and security for guests and employees. The vast areas inside the building, adjacent territories and crowds may cause such emergencies as conflicts with the managers to riots.


Shopping Mall Protection Management

Shopping malls are places for easy and cheerful atmosphere. Thus, it is a-must for a security agent to be respectful, discreet and dedicated in providing service while vigilantly monitoring the property under protection. The security contract comprises strict property disposition, including number of agents on duty, service timings and the location of each agent. 

The head runs the security group on duty as well as reports to the management of the shopping mall. The appointed senior agent runs subordinate supervising. He inspects posts for taking duty and handing it in, supervises the work of agents and makes decisions on safety strategies and security measures. The very agents execute security processes. All employees of the “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group are certified specialists regularly undergoing their medical examinations. They are skilled in negotiations, highly stress-resistant and have extensive knowledge of security and law enforcement.

What do we offer?

To make your shopping mall a credibly protected place, we provide a comprehensive security solution or carry out specific types of services you need:

  • Select security agents in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client.
  • Round-the-clock or hourly video surveillance Installation.
  • Executive Protection for VIPs in the mall.
  • Assist in the development of the construction plan of the mall.
  • Consulting on fire-prevention and anti-terrorist security measures.
  • Consulting on alarm system, “alarm” buttons, turnstiles and access frames installation. 
  • Consulting on anti-burglar, acts of vandalism, conflicts and riots preventive measures, as well as supervision and implementing.

Only efficient comprehensive approach and ultimate cooperation of technologies and skilled dedicated security team can establish protection were it needed and a lightning-fast response against an emerged threat.

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