The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group has over 10 years of experience in security services aimed at safety and protection of citizens and their property. Our record speaks for us proving that only professionals are capable to solve such specific security issues. Estate security needs a multi-vector individual approach and always starts with an inspection. Such professional inspection of a property identifies safety and security gaps and develop a comprehensive, optimized and relevant security system.

Specifics of Residential Complexes Protection

Nowadays, residential complexes are being a “piece of cake” for intruders. Restaurants, clubs attract burglars, while parking lots do thieves and hijackers. Furthermore, the hardware of the boiler room, elevators as well as costly installed utility elements can be stolen either. Most of such complexes provides security for their residents by hiring a watch or installing a pair of surveillance cameras. Sure, such security is hardly effective. You would need a professional service for credible protection. 

What is important, each resident personally has his vote in decision-making on security and safety measures and participate in all protection management processes, though the basic contract for security services is signed with a legal entity (a Home-Owners Association). 

Residential Complexes Protection Management

Our main task is to ensure enhanced security of the residential area, the property and the residents themselves to make them feel relaxed and comfortable in their homes. Pursuing that goal, the team of the “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group considers further for the protection strategy development and implementation: 

  1. location of a residential complex.
  2. infrastructure and amount of non-residential buildings on the territory.
  3. evaluation of planning details such as the number of the entrances, layers and building floors, facilities including elevators.

We also consider residential grounds and their mapping. During such inspection, specialists identify security gaps and develop a high quality, relevant and cost-effective strategy to prevent threats:

The strategy reveals guards’ labour needed and their number:

It identifies duties of each guard, technologies and means supposed to be applied

Depending on the mapping peculiarities of a residential complex and a clients’ need, the strategies significantly differ for each residence we work with. Comprehensive approach is the best way to achieve the highest score protection.

What do we offer?

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group provides credible protection and guarantees:

  • Patrol of underground and surface parking lots, basements, office buildings, attics, adjacent territories.
  • Measures to maintain public order
  • Access control
  • Installation and maintenance of “panic” buttons, video surveillance covering all impede points on the map of the residential complex 
  • Installation of alarms, motion sensors, access-restriction preventing the strangers coming on the territory systems restricting the access of strangers to the territory
  • Carrying out anti-riot activities.
  • Prevention of threats and emergencies.
  • Plans and set out of checkpoints.
  • Development of strategies and measures as well as supervision at their implementation, execution and management.

Upon a principal’s request, security is carried out at set time range or round-the clock. We will make your home a fortress!

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