The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group has over 10 years of experience in security services aimed at safety and protection of citizens and their property. Our record speaks for us proving that only professionals are capable to solve such specific security issues. Construction site protection needs a multi-vector individual approach and always starts with an inspection. Such professional inspection of a property identifies safety and security gaps and develop a comprehensive, optimized and relevant security.

Specifics of Construction Site Protection

Construction site often recalls a huge, shadowed territory, where the multi-storey buildings are gaping with empty windows and doors, guarding by stray skinny dogs fed by day duty stuff and “treasuries” of costly construction materials and equipment kept in. A typical picture of a typical construction site. That is why it is not a surprise, they are so attractive to thieves, robbers and other intruders seeking easy money. 

Not intruders, but the staff as well, often damage or still inventory items, sometime in small amounts but regularly, from the least expensive to the most, which cause noticeable losses in the end. In addition, the construction sites are often exposed to such risks as flooding, explosions and fires.

Construction Site Protection Management

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group offers a set of prompt protection strategies for your construction site: 

  1. Engineering and technical strategy. Site protective fencing around, alarm system installation, lighting system for enhanced visibility, checkpoints with automatic access control.  
  2. Protection management. Implementation and supervision of access control for people, equipment and  construction materials, spare parts, electrical cables, their proper and safe storage, access control of the executives to the inventory.
  3. Executive security. Round-clock or set time range (primarily night shifts) monitoring of the property via video surveillance and patrol.

The strategies are aimed at timely identifying and preventing or promptly eliminating any threat. Due to thorough development and detailed implementation of a multi-level security system, your property will have advanced protection from any types of threats and intruders.

What do we offer?

We have an individual approach to each client as protection of a construction site refers to its needs in every individual case and must be relevant. The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group offers:

  • Expert inspection in order to identify the specifics of the site in terms of its security and safety gaps and evaluation of credibility of the security measures existing. 
  • Consulting on the optimized protective measures and strategies on the basis of the inspection made, considering the client’s request.  
  • Video surveillance system installation with 24/7 IP camera monitor. 
  • Access control and checkpoint supervision
  • Mobile and stationary patrol of the area
  • Implementation of preventive security measures
  • Prompt response and performance of duty patrol guards in case of emergencies.

Due to a high level of expertise and training, verified strategies and tactics, extended successful experience combined with modern technologies the “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group able to provide solid protection of any construction site under the most limited deadline.

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