Restaurants, bars and cafes protection

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group has over 10 years of experience in security services aimed at safety and protection of citizens and their property. Our record speaks for us proving that only professionals are capable to solve such specific security issues. Public places protection needs a multi-vector individual approach and always starts with an inspection. Such professional inspection of a property identifies safety and security gaps and develop a comprehensive, optimized and relevant security.

Specifics of the Protection of Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

The catering and recreation services are in demand, however, a record based on credibility matters here. Prestige, pricing policy, sophisticated design and delicious cuisine do follow it. People are expected to get relaxed while there and emergencies of all kinds are not welcomed. The emergencies may occur due to:

  • free non-identification access.
  • drunk visitors fomenting conflicts.
  • visitors brought in prohibited substances and items such as drugs, weapons, explosives
  • fire threats
  • the risk of riots and terrorist attacks

Also, consider the staff experiencing unrespectful, if not hostile, attitude of visitors, when the last leave not having paid, bringing in prohibited items, which may lead to conflicts, their hostile conduct towards other visitors when drunk, disobeying rules and regulations. Consequently, incurred loss is the burden of the owner. The expert security provide preventive strategies and relevant response to avoid conflicts in time within law framework and out of public exposure for continued spotless record of the establishment. 

Bars and Restaurants Protection Management

The “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group is highly qualified, well-trained and certified experts familiar with all the specifics of their sector. Due to extensive experience in protecting public establishments, we guarantee excellent physical performance of the security guards and their relevant hard and soft skills including the skill in negotiation and eliminating conflicts.

We imply and provide further measures and strategies to ensure safety and security of the establishment: 

  1.   Executive guards.
  2.   Engineering and technical measures such as installation of a video surveillance system with IP cameras, alert buttons, fire and burglar alarms. 

Emergency group provides 24/7 prompt response if the security alarm or a signal button are triggered, particularly out of business hours of the establishment.

What do we offer?

The contract with the “BEZPEKA & ZAKHYST” Security Group implies:

  • Protection against theft, fraud, extortion and other illegal actions, both by visitors and staff.
  • Protection of inventory, estate, facilities and profit.
  • Face control of visitors
  • Protection management and access control during private events.
  • Conflict management in case of a client’s refusal to pay the bill.
  • Prevention of crowd crushes, group fights, riots, as well as panicking in case of emergency.
  • Security of the staff
  • Prevention of terrorist attacks.
  • Surveillance of offices, rooms and employees
  • Access control of visitors suspected of carrying in weapons, drugs or their use inside, behaving aggressively
  • Fire safety measures implementation and prompt well-managed evacuation in case of an emergency

A good record is being built up over the years, while destroying it does not take much time. Hiring expert security team for a restaurant, a bar or a café means to save your costs on prevented acts of damages, thefts and other losses.  

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